Onze andere dieren

With proud we like to introduce our beautiful and lovely dogs and cats.
First of course our Buddy (born Sept. 2011 in France and with us since 23 Nov. 2011).
Buddy has reached a respectable age by now. In 2022 he still went with us on our trail rides, but ever since 2023 it's too much for him. He prefers to take it easy and gives himself and his bones more rest.
He wanders around on our ranch and is still 'the boss' over our two youngsters...

As from 14 Aug. 2022 our family is extended with Hunter & Spike (born 6 aprill 2022). They come from The Netherlands and arrived in France as a surprise for Jacqueline's birthday. Balou has reached a respectable age too and before he would pass away, we liked to have two new pups, so Balou as well as Buddy could teach them rules and bring them up being good dogs. Balou passed away on 28 Jan. 2023.
Hunter & Spike are doing very well! They are sweet but also vigilant. They are stilll young and somewhat impetuous.

Though they are no longer with us, we still want to mention Winston (passed away on 7 Jan. 2018) & Balou (passed away on 28 Jan. 2023) on this page.
They where part of our lives for so long and they where such great dogs. They deserve still to be mentioned on this page.

Furthermore we also have some nice cats. They mainly stay around the main house but they also like to come for their cuddles.

(Bringing a dog and/or cat is not allowed)
Buddy  Hunter & Spike  

Balou  Winston
Grumpy  Oreo   Micky