Onze andere dieren

With proud we like to introduce our beautiful and lovely dogs.
Our two German Shepherd dogs Winston & Balou (born on Aug.12th,  2011 in The Netherlands) and our Blue Border Collie Buddy (born in Sept. 2011 in France)
Mary picked-up the shepherd dogs for us and on Oct. 14th Yank picked them up at her house and they made the long journey from The Netherlands to the South of France.
They are doing really well and have become a couple of big, but really sweet guys.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, on 7 January. 2018, Winston passed away very unexpectedly. He didn't feel well that morning and emergency surgery revealed a very large tumor which was pressing his organs. The situation was so serious that there was no other option than to let him go. We will miss him terribly.
You can find a more detailed message on our FB page.

On Nov. 23rd, 2011 we have picked-up Buddy in France and he felt totally at home very fast and.... though he was quite smaller than Winston & Balou, he immediately bossed them around, really unbelievable!
He also had his first encounter with some horse hoofs very soon, but fortunately that ended well.
Buddy is joning us on almost all rides and has much pleasure in 'helping' with the cows.

Furthermore we also have some nice cats, but the composition of the family tends to change quite a bit. Now they are here and the next moment they are gone or we have many cats all of a sudden.
Some cats stay around the main house and others are at the stables. All have found there own place to live and they are best friends with the horses too.
Thanks to one of our guests (a vet) and her assistant all adult cats are castrated. We where very lucky these guests where willing to spend time to do this big job during their holiday week. We are very grateful to them!
Some little cats also found a new home with one of our guests. We are also very grateful to them!

(Bringing a dog or cat is not allowed)
Balou  Winston  Buddy