Unique, adventurous horse riding holidays for all riders...

For a unique horse riding experience you just visit our beautiful estate in the South of France.

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During this horseriding holiday in France you will ride through the beautiful forests and hills in the area of Le Sidobre, Tarn, 
in the South of France.
Le Sidobre is a rocky area in the South of the Massif Central, about 11 kilometers east of the town of Castres in the departement Tarn. This nature reserve is approximately 102 square kilometers in size and is known for its special rock formations.
At about 20 min. drive from Castres, outside the village of Lacrouzette, located in nature with deciduous and coniferous forests, jagged rock formations, natural lakes and flowing streams, you will find our domain 'Oosting-HorseRiding'.

Horse riding holiday at and around our beautiful estate

This beautiful hilly landscape has a summer climate. This area offers a fairytale equestrian area with miles of unmarked routes (trails). 
Here Jacqueline organizes authentic Riding adventures
At our ranch we have about 13 horses who love to show you the beautiful area.Jacqueline & Texas

We speak French, Dutch, German and English.

(Bringing a dog (or dogs) is not allowed)

Trail ride